Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have a home inspection done?
Many times, a bank will require a home inspection in order to provide financing. Home inspections can also find flaws that the buyer might not discover. These may include but are not limited to increased radon levels, damage from moisture, damage from pests, safety issues, water leaks, and septic problems. If found during the inspection, solutions to these issues can be negotiated with the seller prior to your purchase.

Are you insured?

What information does your company need from me to book an inspection?
Your name.
The names of both the listing real estate agent and your real estate agent.
The address of the property you want inspected.
Your current address, phone number, and email address.

What can we expect from Berardelli Home Inspections?
You can expect fair prices, a quality inspection, and a detailed and honest report. You can rest easy knowing that our inspectors have completed over 20,000 inspections.

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